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Who am i?

Hey there! My name is soeb safi, i am a freelance web designer/developer. I am located at India > Gujarat > Surat. I love to make userfriendly websites and web applications.


What can i do for you?

You can get a complete web development package here, i am able to acompolish every task that relates to web designing and web development, web application development, mobile applicaiton development.


How you can contact?

Fillup a simpe form and you will be answered within 15 mins. Or you can come on these palces

Skype: soeb.safi

Hi there ;-)

I'm Soeb Safi and I am a freelance web developer / designer based on the Moon. I enjoy working on usable, clean and practical web sites like this. In this case I used HTML5, CSS3, Microformats to increase the semantic content and its relevance for search engines and jQuery to create a better user experience.

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Recent work

So far 2012 has been a big year for me in progressing my front-end web development skills, tools and process. I’ve also been busy learning new languages and frameworks and getting up to speed on the latest advancements.